Ashiatsu Massage

ashiatsu massage

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is an ancient form of massage where the therapist uses their feet rather than hands.  In fact, ashiatsu is Japanese for foot (ashi) pressure (atsu).  The therapist uses bars suspended from the ceiling to provide balance and support during the therapy.  This enables them to deliver the perfect amount of pressure without the pain or discomfort that can be experienced with traditional deep tissue massage.  Even though the pressure is greater, it is distributed over a larger surface area due to the size of the feet versus hands thereby accessing an entire muscle group at one time. Your muscles are essentially being ironed out.  While the ashiatsu therapist is working, it almost looks like they are dancing.

Benefits of ashiatsu massage include:

  1. Less pain
  2. Improves flexibility
  3. Reduces chronic pain
  4. Reduces Stress
  5. Long-lasting effects

Ashiatsu massage is ideal for those who prefer deep tissue or sports massage, as it is great to relieve the pain and tension from overused muscles, or the soreness from stress or from sports activity.

However, Ashiatsu is not suitable for everyone.  Those with the following conditions should not receive ashiatsu massage:

  • Pregnancy or trying to conceive
  • High blood pressure
  • Recent injuries or surgeries
  • Contagious skin disorders
  • Compromised immune system
  • Acute liver or kidney disorders
  • Certain medications
  • Acute auto immune disorders
  • Recent surgical implants
  • Advanced Diabetes