Avoiding The Holiday Jiggles

holiday season just around the corner
avoiding the holiday jiggles

Avoiding The Holiday Jiggles

Everyone knows that the key to avoiding weight gain is to eat in moderation, avoid high calorie foods and to exercise regularly. However, with the holiday season just around the corner, many of us will find ourselves surrounded by festive foods, delectable desserts and delicious drinks – many of which are hard to resist.

Studies have shown that the typical person gains anywhere from four to ten pounds over the course of the winter season. The best way to avoid gaining weight over the holidays is to limit food portions, maintain a consistent exercise program and follow these helpful tips:

  1. Stick To A Regular Sleep And Exercise Routine. Sometimes, feeling tired or stressed is mistaken for feeling hungry. Exercising regularly each week and getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night will stave off hunger pangs.
  2. Take It Easy On The Alcohol. Most people don’t realize that alcoholic beverages contain quite a few calories that contribute to excess weight gain when consumed in large quantities. Drinking seltzer with a fruit twist or a glass of water between alcoholic drinks helps to cut calories and will keep you hydrated.
  3. Eat Small Nutritious Meals. It’s a common misconception that you’ll lose weight by skipping large meals. The truth is, your metabolism actually slows down, causing your body to store fat if calories are limited for too long. Eating smaller meals a few hours apart will prevent you from overeating later.
  4. Reach For Veggies, Fruit Or Crackers. If you get hungry at a party, reach for the vegetables and fruit platter or nosh on some crackers as these snacks are filling and you won’t be as tempted to eat the high calorie-laden foods.
  5. Eat Slowly And Chew Your Food More. It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to register that it’s full and to signal your brain that it’s had enough. Slow down and listen to your body.
  6. Eat Foods Containing Protein. Quality protein includes lean meats, seafood, chicken, turkey, eggs, yogurt and low-fat cheeses. The protein in these foods will help you feel full and work well to control your appetite.
  7. Avoid Eating High Calorie Foods. This is actually easier than you think! By substituting foods high in calories with whole grains, steamed vegetables and baked lean meats, you’ll feel more satisfied at every meal and won’t crave calorie-laden starches, sauces or fried foods.
  8. Always Remain Positive And Determined. If you do “fall off the wagon” and have a bad food day or forget to exercise, don’t worry about it! Just get back on track the next day and continue on from there.
  9. Take Your Supplements. Since some people don’t consume certain foods often enough or on a consistent basis, taking your vitamin supplements regularly will ensure that you’re getting the appropriate nutrients and in the proper amount.
  10. Reserve A Body Wrap. Scheduling body wraps once or twice a month is a healthy and easy way to lose inches while you hydrate and detoxify your body.

Avoiding the holiday jiggles this season will be easier if you follow these helpful suggestions – and who knows? Maybe, this January 1st will be the year that your New Year’s Resolution doesn’t include wanting to drop those extra holiday pounds!