According to the American Diabetes Association, 29.1 million Americans, 9.3% of the population, have diabetes. And 90-95% of these individuals have Type 2 Diabetes. Sadly, that number continues to grow.

Type 2 Diabetes is quickly becoming an epidemic. Prevention is the key to stopping this deadly disease in its tracks. Diabetes prevention is as easy as making basic lifestyle changes. Making a few simple changes now may help you elude the serious health complications of diabetes in the future, such as nerve, kidney, and heart damage. Incorporate these tips to help prevent the onset of Type 2 Diabetes.

Get physical

Regular exercise can help you lose weight and lower your blood sugar. A 30-minute walk 3-4 times a week can produce amazing results! And of course, you will look and feel better, too!

Control your diet

Again, improving blood sugar levels is crucial in reducing your risk of diabetes. Eating fruits high in fiber can assist with this important step. Veggies, beans, nuts, and fruits are excellent choices! They’re tasty, full of vitamins and minerals, and just plain good for you!

Know the risk factors

Do you know the risk factors that increase your chances of suffering from Type 2 Diabetes? They are:

  • Being overweight
  • Persons 45 and older are at greater risk
  • Close family member has diabetes
  • Inactivity

If you suspect you may be at risk for Type 2 Diabetes, consult your physician immediately.

To learn more about Type 2 diabetes, visit the websites below:

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Let’s stop this disease NOW!