Does Makeup Have a Shelf Life?

You bet it does!

Does Makeup Have a Shelf Life?

Wondering about the shelf life of that heap of makeup in your drawer? We all have that special cosmetics drawer that’s stocked so full we can hardly close it each day. But, how much of these products do you actually use on a regular basis? Most likely, very little of them.

Cosmetics have a shelf life and chances are that the tinted, glittery mascara you purchased a few years ago for a New Year’s Eve bash is long overdue. It’s time to clean out that overstuffed drawer and eliminate all the “past due” makeup.

But, how are you supposed to know when to toss that mascara? No worries…we have the recommended shelf life for your most-used cosmetics. Follow these guidelines to keep your makeup fresh, clean, and infection-free.

Foundation and Concealer

Oil-free products should be replaced at least once a year, while regular moisturizing foundations and concealers will last up to 18 months.


Mascara has a short life span because it can easily transmit bacteria back and forth between the tube and your eye, which can cause painful, grossly unattractive eye infections. Typically, mascara should last about 3 months, but if it starts to dry up before that time, toss it.

Eye Shadow

Women tend to have a spectrum of seasonal eye shadows to create numerous looks for different occasions. Fortunately, eye shadows keep well. Liquid shadows should last 1 year, while powders usually last up to 2 years.

Eye/Lip Pencils

Eye and lip pencils can be kept up to 2 years. Be sure to sharpen before each use to ensure a clean, bacteria-free tip.


Varying lip colors is probably what takes up the most room in every woman’s makeup drawer. But with so many different shades of red, pink, and neutrals…can you blame us?? Thankfully, you can keep your tube lipsticks for up to 2 years.


Cream blushes will generally last for about a year, while their powder counterparts are good for 2 years.

Helpful Tip: Just like with food, if it looks or smells funny, chances are it is no longer fresh. Get rid of it. Furthermore, if you happen to get an eye infection, you will need to throw away all of your makeup…yes, all of it, to guarantee there is no repeat of that nasty infection.

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