The Best Beauty and Wellness Hacks from Around the World

you’ll be amazed at what everyday products can do for your beauty regimen!
Best Beauty-Wellness Hacks

The Best Beauty and Wellness Hacks from Around the World

It’s International Women’s Month so it’s the perfect time to learn more about the best-kept beauty and wellness secrets women use all around the world! From teas, to oils to food products, you’ll be amazed at what everyday products can do for your beauty regimen!

Australia: Treat Dandruff

Sick of pulling dandruff away from your itchy, dry scalp?  Australians use a few drops of tea tree oil in their shampoo to treat this problem. It will moisturize your scalp and prevent future itching and flaking! We have an array of salon quality products for you to choose from to treat all of your current hair concerns.

Japan: Detox Your Body  

Matcha green tea powder is a natural fat-burner, energy booster and antioxidant and mineral powerhouse, aka your new best friend! If that doesn’t convince you, Matcha also helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol as well as fights off cancer! Be sure to ask one of our wellness professionals which supplement is best for you!

China: Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Chinese women find that massaging camellia oil twice a day onto the problem areas on their skin nourishes their skin and helps eliminate stretch marks. Another bonus of this ritual is that the method also helps fight skin discoloration.

Morocco: Regain Healthy Hair

Argan oil is far from being a secret but did you know it does more than transform your hair? Use it as a face moisturizer, nail treatment, overnight hair treatment, conditioner, body oil, shine booster or even frizz tamer! If you don’t have this product, place it on your shopping list now!

Brazil: Eliminate Cellulite

Brazilian women have been rubbing sand onto their bodies for years to stimulate circulation which is incredibly effective for eliminating unwanted cellulite. This helps break down toxins and fat tissue. A great bonus is that you’ll also be exfoliating the skin at the same time. Thankfully we now have amazing products like body scrubs and cellulite cream for powerful solution to those pesky dimples!

New Zealand: Boost Your Immune System

Manuka honey is on the most powerful super-food list. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which helps boost the immune system, preventing you from getting colds and other types of illnesses. Add a teaspoon to your glass of lemon water every morning to kick start your day!

Take these beauty secrets even further at MG’s GRAND Day Spa.  Tell us about your primary concerns and we’ll recommend the most effective treatments that will give you the results you’ve only dreamed of before!