Feeling a little stressed? It is no wonder; we are going through some stressful times these days. The good news is that we can manage this by receiving massages and eating food that reduces stress. Research has shown that consuming certain vitamins and minerals found in certain foods are key to our ability to reduce stress. So next time you feel tightly wound, try some of these:

  1. Blueberries: Blueberries are extremely high in vitamin C and high in fiber. Vitamin C is important to helping our body reduce stress, while fiber helps to regulate our blood sugar levels. Drastic changes in our blood sugar can cause us to have mood swings, which may contribute to anxiety.
  2. Dark Green Vegetables: Spinach, kale, broccoli, kale and other dark green vegetables are great stress reducing foods. They are packed with vitamins that nourish our bodies. They are also high in potassium, which is especially good for calming our nerves. Like blueberries, these are also high in fiber, which not only controls blood sugar but aids in digestion.
  3. Oranges: When we are stressed, our immune systems can suffer. The Vitamin C found in oranges helps to reduce tension and stabilize blood pressure, but also helps to boost our immune system, which can suffer under stressful situations.
  4. Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite stress reducing foods. They satisfy those of us who crave carbohydrates, while also satisfying one’s sweet tooth. They are rich with beta-carotene and other vitamins, and again, the fiber helps your body process the sugar and carbs more slowly.
  5. Fish: Those diets that are high in omega-3 essential fatty acids protect against heart disease, keep the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline from peaking.
  6. Skimmed milk: As a result of its protein, skim-milk helps stabilize blood sugar. To reduce tension, combine, a sweetener and some frozen blueberries in the blender for a healthy pick-me-up that is super good for you, and an excellent alternative to ice cream!
  7. Turkey: Have you ever felt super relaxed after a big Turkey dinner at Thanksgiving? There’s reason for that: Turkey contains an amino acid called L-Tryptophan, which releases serotonin – a feel-good chemical – into our systems. L-Tryptophan has been proven to provide a calming and relaxing effect.
  8. Apricots: They are rich in magnesium, Vitamin C and fiber. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant, which can relax our muscles.
  9. Almonds, Pistachios and Walnuts: Nuts are great stress reducing foods. Almonds, specifically, are loaded with both Vitamins B and E – known to boost your immune system, and walnuts and pistachios help reduce tension and lower blood pressure.
  10. Avocados: Avocados provide a healthful dose of monounsaturated fat and potassium, which help to lower blood pressure. Avocados have more than potassium than bananas!

Want to relieve stress? Call the spa and reserve your massage today then stop by the grocery store and buy some of the above healthy stress reducing foods.   Enjoy!!