We love so much about the holidays: tasty treats, twinkling lights and festive parties. However, we don’t love the stress it often brings. This year, we’ve set out to give you easy steps to a less stressful holiday. Because, if you aren’t having fun then why are you doing it?!

  1. Ask Your Family What’s Important
    Ditch over-the-top holiday traditions and ask your spouse/partner and kids to list their favorite holiday activities (don’t forget to list yours too!). Have them narrow down their list to three favorites and voila! You have an easy guide to making the holidays special for everyone in the family. Try asking what activities they could do without as well; you might be surprised!
  2. Decorate As Little or As Much As You Like
    Don’t feel pressured to make your home an HGTV Christmas feature. A few lights and a little wine sounds like the perfect compromise, don’t you think?
  3. Replace Presents with Experiences
    If you have little ones, consider choosing experience gifts over tons of toys they will never use. This will lighten the load for gift wrapping too (you’re welcome!). Or if your family is feeling adventurous, consider a vacation or a trip as a family present. You can still fill their stockings with some fun goodies and avoid the gift overload.
  4. Limit Events
    Holiday events don’t stop until Christmas. Don’t fill your weekends and weeknights with events that aren’t fulfilling. Choose a few fun events you can enjoy as a family and plan for them in advance, so you aren’t in a rush. It’s okay to say no!

Follow these steps for a more peaceful, relaxing holiday. Enjoy the company of your family and friends instead of trying to impress with immaculate cookie decorating or Martha Stewart decorations. Find what makes you happy and do that!