4 Ways to Detox Your Body

and get your body back on track
woman receiving massage

4 Ways to Detox Your Body

The holidays have a way of promoting overindulgence, don’t they? The cycle usually begins around Thanksgiving when mom makes her beloved pie. Or let’s be honest, we pick one up from the nearest bakery, and that’s just as delicious (and bonus, less work)! One more drink becomes three more drinks and instead of being intentional with choices, we say “When in Rome!”

We’ve all been there, friend. And if this is you, don’t worry! Your body is actually quite good at healing itself, but we are sharing a few of favorite ways to speed up the process and get your body back on track.

  1. Warm water with lemon
    Start your morning off right with lemon-infused water. This is especially helpful for several days following late-night partying and drinking. Lemons are a natural diuretic and will help remove toxins from your body by promoting a bowel movement. Keep in mind, drinking enough water each day is important for cleansing your body as well.
  2. Yoga
    If you ask anyone that does yoga why they do it, their answer is almost always, “Because it feels good!” Yoga is a wonderful way to detoxify your body and you’ll always end up feeling better than when you began. Why is this? Yoga postures, when done correctly and in the right sequence, can target different areas of your body, including digestion, circulation, lung capacity and much more.
    Yoga has a positive effect on you physically and emotionally and it’s the perfect way to detox your body after a season of overindulgence.
  3. Sauna or Steam Room
    Sweating does the body good! The skin is the largest organ and therefore can detoxify the easiest and fastest out of any organ in the body. Using a sauna or steam room will provide a major cleanse of toxins by sweating out all the bad stuff. Another bonus: if you’ve picked up a cold or virus from your many holiday gatherings, both the sauna and steam room are great places to clear and cleanse that from your body too.
  4. Massage
    If you’re feeling tense and stressed out from the busy holiday season, or you just need time to relax and detox your mind, massage is the ticket! There are many benefits of massage, but a few favorites include: stress and anxiety release, muscle relaxation, improved circulation, strengthened immune system and improved posture. And if you just need some time to yourself, an hour-long break from the world is the solution!

Cleanse, detoxify, and renew your body and mind to begin the new year the way you want to! If you have questions about detoxifying your skin, we can help you with that too.