Holiday season is in full gear.   As beautiful and magical as the holiday season ought to be, however, it is often tainted with, none other than, stress.  Especially this year with the added stress over concerns about COVID-19 and its continuing impact on our lives.

Most of us, at this time of the year, tend to prioritize everything EXCEPT ourselves. This, ultimately, mounts on the stress and can do a doozy on our ability to really enjoy. But the holidays are MEANT to be enjoyed!  To keep the stress levels to a low roar, here are a few tips:

  1. Build in You-Time: Probably a no-brainer, but build in alone time.  Giving yourself time away from the craziness and time to decompress…will give your mind and body the rest it needs to go full-steam ahead the rest of the time.  At least once a week, do one of the following (or anything else that gives you the break you crave): Take a bath, go to the spa, do yoga or meditate, take a walk in a non-crowded place.
  2. Say No: We are often compelled to say “yes” even more at this time than during the rest of the year.  Be especially vigilant about saying “no” when you need to.  Be cognizant of what is realistic to include in your schedule and for what time permits.  Don’t beat yourself up for saying “no.”  Taking care of yourself will allow you to get what you need to get done and allow you to take care of others when it is really necessary.
  3. De-stress & Shop at the Same Time: Take the time to reserve your facial or massage. After your experience buy that special someone a nice gift from the spa boutique; or purchase few spa gift cards. That will take away some stress for sure. 
  4. Have a Cocktail: Consuming alcohol in moderation is a healthy way to relax your nerves and ease some of your stress. Try to limit yourself to one or two, as too much drinking can bring on a whole different type of stress.
  5. Maintain a Healthy Regimen: Granted, you may not get to the gym as much as you normally do.  And, you may indulge more than you normally do.  However, still maintaining some healthy balance when it comes to exercise and eating right is important to managing stress.  Exercise, especially, is very helpful in releasing stress, while eating well will help maintain regularity and optimal levels of energy throughout this hectic season.
  6. Sleep: Sleep allows our bodies to rejuvenate and rebuild itself for the next day.  It may be tempting to stay up late at holiday parties or to get up early to wrap presents, but try to manage your time so that you get in a good solid 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night.

Here’s wishing you a stress-free holiday season!