Benefits to Exfoliating Your Skin

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Benefits to Exfoliating Your Skin

You’ve chosen the best cleanser, moisturize your skin daily and are never without sunscreen outdoors. Kudos to you! But if you aren’t exfoliating, you’re missing an important step of skin care that can aid in keeping skin healthy and youthful.  

Exfoliation is the quiet superstar of a weekly skin regimen, so we’ve outlined the benefits below:

  1. Unclogs Pores
    The primary function of exfoliation is to unclog your pores. Faces, in particular, tend to build up with dirt, free radicals and cosmetic products which stop the skin from shedding properly. Exfoliation sheds the top two layers of skin, which helps reduce blackheads, whiteheads and oil. Unclogging your pores through exfoliation keeps the skin’s natural process running properly.
  2. Prevents Blemishes
    A direct result of unclogging pores is the prevention of acne and blemishes. When you clear out clogged pores due to oil and skin cells, you naturally reduce the amount of blemishes before they even come to the surface of your skin.
  3. Evens Skin Tone and Texture
    Exfoliation not only rids your skin of dead skin cells, it also helps encourage new cell growth. Your skin tone and texture are directly related to buildup on the top layer. Once dead skin cells are removed you will see smoother skin and improved texture, including visibly fewer lines and wrinkles.
  4. Helps Skin Care Product Absorption
    Once skin is exfoliated, the products you use regularly will be absorbed into your pores instead of sitting on top of dead skin cells.

Remember that exfoliating should be done once or twice per week based on your skin type and your esthetician. This is to maximize its effectiveness without stripping the skin of natural oils. While your face is the biggest offender, your whole body will benefit from exfoliation as well.

We can recommend a few favorite exfoliators for home use, but for deep exfoliating we offer several spa treatments that can make a long-term difference in the health and appearance of your skin. It’s always best to consult with your esthetician to determine which is the right fit for your skin.