Exercise Your Way to Health!

Look and feel better with these easy tips
Couple Hiking

Exercise Your Way to Health!

Exercising is an activity that we often dread…but we don’t have to! In honor of World Health Day on April 7th, let’s get creative and try something new to eliminate those sneaky pounds we put on during the winter months! Jump start this season with a healthier you by implementing these simple tips!

Take the Stairs. Avoid the Elevator

Whether at home, work, or shopping, if you have the option of using the stairs, take it. In fact, take the stairs whenever you can and as many times as you can.

Walk Your Dog.

Walking is an excellent form of exercise and an effective stress reliever. Get out the leash and take your best friend for a walk.  It’s a healthy activity for both of you. Your heart, and Fido, will thank you!

Make Cleaning Fun

Ready for some spring cleaning? Then you have your work cut out for you. Completing household chores is a great way to burn calories fast. Crank up the music and get your heart rate going while you mop and vacuum. Sing and dance your way to a clean house…and a leaner YOU!

Get Fit While Watching TV.

Ignore the beckoning of your inner couch potato. Walk, jog in place, or dance while you watch your favorite sitcom. Try this tip for a few weeks…you’ll be amazed at the results!

Park Away from Entrances

Start parking away from entrances and take those extra few steps for an accelerated calorie burn. You will be surprised how these little efforts pay off.

Mall Walk.

Love to shop? Who doesn’t??? Stroll around your local mall at a quick pace as you window shop to give your heart a brisk workout. Don’t forget to circle back around to purchase those cute little sandals you spotted!


If you choose an activity you enjoy doing, you are more likely to stick to it.  Involve the whole family or perhaps a friend, and get moving!