Healthy Habits for College

Surviving Freshmen Year
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Healthy Habits for College

Sending those high school graduates off to college? We know…the first year can be mind-boggling for both students and parents. After all, transitioning to college requires a tremendous amount of preparation, adapting, and discipline. Students are on their own for the first time, and parents are forced to step back and let them make their own mistakes.   But, there has to be a way to survive freshman year, right?

You bet there is! The key is maintaining balance in everything…work, play, sleep, and even food! Read on to discover tips for a successful freshmen year.

Get your Zzzzz’s

We all know the importance of sleep for optimal health. Proper sleep makes you look and feel better. It also heightens performance levels. So skip the school-night partying, turn off the TV, and get a full night’s sleep.


Coupled with appropriate amounts of sleep, exercise helps you look and feel great! It also fights stress and wards off disease. Simply take a 30-minute brisk walk each evening…it will even help minimize the dreaded Freshmen 15!!

Eat healthy

A big part of maintaining your health is making healthy food choices. Skip the pizza and opt for veggies, whole grains, fruit, and lean protein.

Use on-campus support.

Disorganization, stress, time management, or tutoring—whatever your struggle, you’re not alone. Most universities provide counselors, study groups, tutoring, and assistance with stress management. Take advantage of these resources.

Get involved on campus

Getting homesick is a common issue for first-year college students. Consider joining one of the many student organizations available at your school such as fraternities and sororities or sports teams. You will meet new people and feel more connected to your school.

Prioritize your life.

Waiting until the last minute to write that essay or cram for a midterm won’t cut it in college. Buy a calendar, write your deadlines for assignments, studying, etc., and stick to it!

Most importantly, give it your all, be true to yourself…and call your mother! Good luck!