Live Healthier with Color Therapy

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Color therapy

Live Healthier with Color Therapy

The recent spike in the popularity of adult coloring books is proof that humans are drawn to all hues of color to relax, heal and re-balance. We are visual creatures that view and absorb light through our eyes and our skin.

Pastel colors and concentrated shades of color are necessary for us to have in our lives, they help us create balance within the physical, emotional and mental energy fields.

Here is an explanation of colors and how they affect us:

Blue skies and deep blue seas are soothing because of this hue’s soft tone. This marine color deeply relaxes the mind and body for a complete feeling of well-being. Increased exposure to this color is thought to remedy imbalances of the thyroid, oral issues and tension in the upper body thanks to its famous anti-inflammatory properties.

Red is a hot color that invokes passion and it has the combined effect of mental and physical stimulation. This color is said to be effective in treating the heart, bone and muscle issues and sinus congestion. Red creates excitement and alertness with the feelings of euphoria when kept in balance.

Violet has deep spiritual connotations because of its tranquility-inducing effects that create a feeling of a universal connection to higher forms of energy. This hue has been known to aid in the balancing of the pituitary and pineal glands, calm the nervous system and increase mental awareness resulting from deep, restorative sleep.

Yellow imparts life-giving energy, similar to the sun. This color has an instant uplifting effect and can assist the body with proper digestion and be used during lymphatic treatments. It is also known for building collagen which encourages elasticity development. Some spas use this hue in treatments to reduce the appearance of noticeable face and neck wrinkles.

Orange enhances both physical and mental energy. This color can balance issues with intestinal distress, kidneys and the lower spine. It also strengthens the immune system and creates a sense of inspiration and creativity when exposure to it is kept in balance.

Green is the perfect blend of blue and yellow. It has a deeply calming effect and represents the exuberance of youth. It has positive influences on the heart, lungs, endocrine and the circulatory system. A proper balance of this color promotes a consistent feeling of contentment.

Go ahead, add a little color in your life and enjoy!

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