Sun, Sun, Sun: Here It Comes

ready or not

Sun, Sun, Sun: Here It Comes

March is here and, let’s be real: before you know it, we’ll be smack-dab in the middle of summer. Now is the time to formulate a head-to-toe plan to be ready for longer days and stronger rays.

We trust you already have a sunblock that you use every day, rain or shine. If not, stop by. (And don’t forget your neck!) There’s no real need to go over SPF 30, and it should feel good on your face rather than greasy or heavy. Talk to your esthetician if you’d like a little expert advice.

But don’t forget that your scalp and hair need protection, too — especially locks that are color treated. Hair mists and leave-in conditioners can protect from UV damage and add hydration to counter the drying effects of the sun. Finally, top off all your efforts with a cute hat, which can protect your face and hair while making a fashion statement. Hint: raffia is all the rage this season, and the natural, straw color goes with everything!

If you like the sun-kissed look (or maybe even sun drenched!) in the summer season, consider starting now with spray tans or self-tanners. Begin with a subtle layer of color and gradually build up for a natural progression rather than going from pale to golden overnight. Before you begin, give yourself an exfoliating scrub — or, better yet, reserve a Tropical Saltmousse Glow at the spa. (Note this month’s Featured Treatments!). Wax or shave with time for your skin to recover.

On the day you begin tanning, lotions, perfumes and deodorants are all no-nos. Wear loose-fitting clothes, as anything that leaves a mark can also remove the tanner. Finally, let it set: wait at least six (but aim for 10) hours before showering, and use a mild pH-balanced body wash when you do. Remember to pat, rather than rub, your skin dry. Now, you’re golden! (Or, at least, on your way to being golden!)

Put a little spring in your step with a deluxe pedicure. Instead of a quick polish and go, consider an elevated treatment that’s a little more rigorous. After all, you’ve probably spent the last few months bundled up in socks, so your tootsies and calves haven’t seen the light of day in ages. Go for the complete transformation!

Begin with a long soak in hot, scented water: let your feet adjust to feeling “naked.” Follow this up with an invigorating herb scrub to remove dead tissue and rejuvenate rough skin. If your winter woes included calluses, now’s the time to have them removed. A paraffin treatment or (maybe even “and”!) a hydrating masque will soothe dry skin and seal in moisture. The nail technician will finish up with cuticle grooming, nail shaping and — the really fun part — polish. Whether you go for a darker shade (such as Classic Blue, the official color of 2020) or a fun pastel, the pop of color is sure to make your day.

Al fresco dinners, barbecues, pool parties and the beach: if you’re lucky, these outdoor activities are all on the horizon. Take steps now so that you’re ready when it’s time to put on the tank top, the bathing suit, the flip flops. Summertime: ready or not, here it comes!