The Benefits Of Massage You Never Knew About

our favorite benefits of massage
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The Benefits Of Massage You Never Knew About

Everyone knows that getting eight hours (or more, if you’re lucky) of sleep every night is of utmost importance to your health. But did you know that an hour-long massage is said to be equivalent to eight hours of sound sleep? It feels like we’re cheating! One hour of massage for the benefit of eight hours of siesta?!

Massage is like a magic wand. It relieves physical and mental stress and provides a multitude of benefits. We are sharing our favorite bennies of massage below!

1. Detoxifying

Your body stores toxins in joints, muscles, tissues and bones. These toxins (for example, lactic acid) build up and can be the root cause of diseases and body dysfunction. The key is regular massage. Drinking plenty of water following a massage is key to flushing toxins out quickly and completely.

2. Thumbs Up For Blood Circulation

Massage significantly improves blood circulation, which provides cells with more nutrients and oxygen. This is fantastic for your ongoing bodily function and organ function. In fact, improving blood circulation will boost your immune system as well. You didn’t know massage would keep those nasty colds and coughs away, did you?

3. No More Mental Stress

This is the best benefit by far! Massage will reduce the level of stress hormones, like cortisol. And we all know the effects stress has on the body. Your mental health is key to immune function, mood, energy and overall drive. So take some time to massage away that mental stress!

4. Flexible For Sure

Increase the flexibility of your joints and improve your mobility with massage. If you’re suffering from stiffness, pain or arthritis, massage will reduce tension in your joints so you can jump for joy! Use your increased flexibility to work on your fitness and step up your gym game. Bonus! If you damaged a muscle during a workout, massage can help your body speed up the repair.

5. Adios, Anxiety

We use massage for many clients suffering from anxiety. It alleviates those anxiety and depression symptoms by calming and relaxing your body and mind. When your body is relaxed, your nervous system responds accordingly. Many times, stress is the root cause of anxiety, and massage can help significantly reduce stress hormones.

These are just a few favorite massage benefits. If you’re experiencing pain or other physical or mental health issues, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss how massage may benefit you. Plus, you deserve uninterrupted me time. Reserve now!